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Important information:

Important information below:

  • Delivery to local area within 15km ground floor easy access maximum 15m carry ONLY
  • More than 15km we need to know where POA (price on application)
  • Upstairs or long carry POA (price on application)


  • Installation fees POA (price on application)
  • Accessories such as cables/lugs/fuses etc – we can quote on requirements as each battery should have a DC fuse/DC fuse disconnect breaker POA (price on application)
  • COC (certificate of compliance) in conjunction with SANS 10142-1/SANS 10142-2

For installations and setup we have a Team of COC qualified electricians onboard for best practice installations and upgrades

Notes & Technical
  • Cannot mix different model batteries even in same brand and definitely cannot join Revov to another brand
  • Revov Batteries/BMS do not communicate with cheaper brand inverters and can only work then with Voltage parameter settings
  • Revov batteries have BMS internal controllers looking after health of batteries
  • Revov 2nd life especially want to power down and recharge back up in even cycles to get best lifespan – can be anywhere from 10 years to 35 years with correct conditions and fitment
  • Revov batteries do not count every charge as a cycle and will count small cycles in percentages to complete a 100% cycle
  • 2nd Life batteries are not B grade or lower grade but are guaranteed A grade from high level vehicle packs (Industry only uses A/B/C grade and preferably only A grade)
  • 2nd Life batteries with correct settings,  attention and care have a lifespan as long 1st life

Technical Queries/Support/Assist – send email to powerup@solarmit.co.za


Lithium Battery Pricing Range

Pricing includes VAT Guidelines – multiple purchases pricing can be discussed

Recommended end-user pricing listed below:

If 1st Life Required

1st Life A grade Lithium




Technical Queries/Support/Assist – send email to info@armit.co.za